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Consulting areas

Resilient Shield Consulting is a management consulting firm.
We develop our skills and offers on specific areas:

Consulting offers

Resilient Shield Consulting can assist you in a wide range of conditions.

In a project mode or by the provision of adequate resources, we find the best approaches for greater added value.
We might as well put our working methods at your disposal or we integrate to your team and apply your methodology.
Prepackaged methods, custom made approaches, skills rental. You have the choice.

Fixed price or daily rates: you can choose the solution that best suits you.
Applied pricing takes into account various parameters of the mission to always provide the cheapest to our customers.
Loyalty and commitment to our clients are of course rewarded.

"Business Continuity Management" Offer

Management of Business Continuity has undergone several phases of rationalization in recent years.
ISO 22301 standard is the result of these efforts and provides an international framework for business continuity management.

Resilient Shield Consulting has built a method directly inspired by this standard and best practices in the industry.
Design of the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), Impact and Risk Assessments, Design of continuity strategies, definition of business continuity solutions, writing of business continuity plans, exercising and maintenance plans ...
Covering the full scope of business continuity, our method, however, remains adaptable to your needs and your budget.

Whether you're starting a new BCP or want to dust off an existing plan, we can meet your most demanding needs.

Download our presentation brochure: Provides Continuity Management Activity. Business Continuity Management Approach.

"Business Continuity Management for SME" offer

Small businesses are victims of a paradoxical situation: they are the most exposed to threats that surround them and yet very few of them have a Business Continuity Plan.
Few obligations, few resources, little information, poorly adapted PCA methods. SMEs had little reason to embark on such a project.

Resilient Shield Consulting has developed a different approach to business continuity resolutely geared towards smaller organizations.
The goals of our method:
  • Preserving the spirit and value of best practices and ISO 22301.
  • Going straight to the point.
  • Designing a plan that is compatible with the budget of a Small Business.
  • Efficiency of the method.

Download our presentation brochure: BCM for SME.

"BCM Pre-audit" offer

Reviewing of the Business Continuity Management System, performing a security audit, signing a big contract including requirements for specific business continuity dispositions,...
You lived and you still live many situations where doubt may overwhelm you.
Did I apply the correct method? Correctly? Is our organisation prepared to manage crisis situations and ready for a client audit? Our BCM pre-audit offer is designed to answer your questions. Lighter than a standard audit, it is easy to perform and requires a very small budget.
Download our presentation brochure: BCM Pre-audit.

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