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Resilient Shield Consulting SAS
75, boulevard Haussmann 75008 Paris - France
Phone: +33 7 86 16 50 17

Resilient Shield Consulting in brief

Our business is based on four core areas: risk management, business continuity management, crisis management and resilience of organizations.

We bring value to our customers in 4 ways: consulting, coaching, training and services.

Resilient Shield Consulting is a member of AFNOR and participates in ISO / TC223 Committee. Its manager is a member of the Disaster Recovery Institute International (CBCP) and the Business Continuity Institute (BCI).


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End of 2016:
New Approach to implement the Reglementation about data protection August 2017:
Recasting the offer "Business Continuity Management System (version 2.0)
March 2017:
Design of the Augmented Emergency Command Center
September 2017:
Recasting the offer "Crisis Management System (version 2.0)

2017-2018 training catalog
Risk Management Offer

Some useful definitions

Business Continuity Capability

Ability of the organization to continue providing products or services to acceptable and pre-established level after a disruptive incident.
This ability is formalized in Continuity Plans (BCP).


ability of an organization to overcome a disaster event that may affect vital functions and to return to a normal level of performance after a reasonable time.

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