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Resilient Shield Consulting SAS
75, boulevard Haussmann 75008 Paris - France
Phone: +33 7 86 16 50 17

Our strategic vision

Resilient Shield is positioned as a key partner for its customers in risk management and extended resiliency.

It provides innovative solutions that tenfold the ability of organizations to manage the most serious crises.

Heavily involved in the promotion of its areas of excellence, it offers a simple and pragmatic view of them.

It works for the benefit of the greatest number of organizations, whatever their size, their cultures and their geographic location.

Our areas of excellence

Our expertise is based on four core businesses pillars:
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Risk Management
  • Extended Resilience

Our core values

We truly believe in a system of values that we cultivate and respect in all our activities:


Our offers

Resilient Shield is primarily a consulting company.
This is the heart of our business.
We also wanted to diversify our offering to meet the needs of our customers:
coaching, training and services allow us to make products with high added value for the benefit of our clients.
Whether you are a beginner or experienced, that your organization is a multinational or a Small Company, we always have an offer that suits you.
Of course, we can also build a custom solution after a detailed assessment of your needs.

5 reasons to choose us

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